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miercuri, 22 septembrie 2010

Good luck, Romania!

Am primit, redirecţionat, un mesaj de susţinere pentru Let's do it, România. N-ar fi mare lucru, pentru că am primit multe mesaje de susţinere, dar, expeditorul este ... estonianul care a fost părintele ideii!

From: Rainer Nõlvak Date: Tue, Sep 21, 2010, To: Let's Do It Word Group>

Dear all,
this Saturday Romania will rise to clean up the country! With 20 million people, Romania is the largest country to undertake Let's Do It Clean Up so far. I can't wait to learn from you. Many will learn from you!
I've been browsing through media. It looks like the Romanian team has done a HUGE work - looks like everyone is talking about cleaning up the country!
Also, see what British newspaper Independent suggests: Let's do it, Romania is one of the picks of the World Green Building Week! Britons know the world - this is certainly one of the best green events on a planet this week!
Dear Anamaria, Anca, Liana, Tudor and all of you dear people in Romanian team - just hang on there!! Probably your last few days before the D-day will be almost crazy. No sleep, lot of stress. Impossible-to-solve things come up on last minute. You'll probably have "blood, sweat and tears", as Churchill once said.
However, these last three days can be crucial to make it even better! There are great many people who are undecided, probably tens of thousands of them, who have heard of Let's Do It Romania but who haven't made up their minds yet. Let me tell you, even some simple actions can bring many more to the forests and fields on Saturday! If you have problems where people can help, speak them out in media. Have many to speak, each in their own way. If there are regions, where more help is needed - just say it out: please help us here! Ask everyone to bring extra friend along so trash like this would never appear again! If we all participate, who would be there to trash the country later?? People come and help if they see you are truly wanting this day to succeed like never before. If not otherwise, they'll come and help YOU, YOUR team, if YOU want it badly enough. They will want YOU to succeed because you are nice people and because you do the right thing. No one wants to disappoint nice people!
One more thing: Remember, what you are doing is fun! Enjoy it!
We are all with you, in our thoughts. Good luck, Romania!

Thanks, dear Friend, thanks, dear Rainer Nõlvak, for yor brilliant ideea!

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